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HAZY HAMLET "Forging Metal" CD
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Written by Béa   
Tuesday, 14 September 2010 13:14



“Forging Metal” is the first album from the group Hazy Hamlet. The style of the group is a mix between power and classic metal. The compositions are rather energetic and powerful. The vocalist has a strong and powerful voice which can be quite aggressive. You won’t find anything original but the songs are well done and relatively epic. The album takes the Viking theme as well as war, human living, for its lyrics and besides the vocalist seems to be himself a Viking in his way of singing. Besides he is supported in the refrains by warrior’s chorus. The group uses a lot of effects as well as keyboards. Hazy Hamlet seems to have a certain talent to write its music especially the instrumental parts. You’ll find nice and solid soli like the one of “Chariot Of Thor”. The problem is for me the voice, you’ll like it or not. Listen to the music because buy the album.




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