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Tuesday, 19 October 2010 15:36


Cruz Del Sur
10 – 2010


The German group Atlantean Kodex is releasing its album “The Golden Bough”.  This album is based on Sir James George Fraze’s book “The Golden Bough”. It deals with his thesis that all forms of religion in Europe (including Christianity) originate from magical cults and fertility rites which go back to stone-age. Neolithic magic would be the root of Christianity, the Europe’s religion culture. The style of the group is straight heavy metal. The compositions are epic as a whole with a good rhythmic section as well as nice riffs. The vocals are not bad but not exceptional. The vocalist has a strong and a powerful voice but also it is well place. There are choirs which are not covering the singer’s vocals but which are moved and not always at the same time. The compositions are rather long, the longest “A Prophet In The forest” is 15 minute and the shortest one “The Golden Bough” can be used as an intro to the album. The song “Temple Of Katholic Magick” really has powerful and deep riffs. The songs have different moods and it would be long to talk about each of them, so just listen to their songs.




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