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DerDRAKOS "Blood To Blood" CD
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Written by Béa   
Tuesday, 19 October 2010 15:53


DerDRAKOS Industrial Techno


DerDRAKOS has released last year its album “Blood To Blood”. It is a Czech group which is form by a duo, the father Steve and his son Alex, besides there are additional female vocals given by Susi Medusa. I will do my review only on the music and let aside the polemic against Steve the father. This album contains 13 songs and is more than one hour long. The album begins with a fast song with electro and dance sounds. The compositions are relatively varied but the electronics side is much present. Some songs are dark and atmospheric, others are just electronic ones, and others are fast with techno beats. Some industrial metal can also be found. The female vocals are sung in Czech language and give another dimension to the songs. You’ll find one song in Italian “La Vipera”. The compositions seem to me mature and the structures of them are rather well done.
I don’t know what has done the first album of the group but I think if you like the style of music you should like this album, personally it is not the style I prefer.




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