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THERION "Sitra Ahra" CD
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Written by Béa   
Tuesday, 19 October 2010 16:19


Nuclear Blast
09 – 2010


I won’t talk about the changes in the line up, the polemics and I just focalize on the music. Christofer Johnsson is still here, composing the same music, with the same style with a neo classic metal approach. For me Therion plays now neo classic symphonic metal. The male vocalist Thomas Vikström is very talented, besides he is surrounded with grandiloquent choirs, for most of the time, female choirs. The compositions are rich musically and vocally speaking and the album is much varied. The keyboards give beautiful background layers but not only.  Most of the songs are powerful and fast except “After The Inquisition : Children of the Stone” which is more mid tempo with flute and acoustic, violin, guitars parts, also with female or young boys(?) choirs. It is an excellent album, a real masterpiece musically and lyrically speaking. Not to miss if you like the group.




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