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ANGBAND "Visions Of The Seeker" CD
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Written by Béa   
Wednesday, 17 November 2010 19:20

Pure Steel Records
10 – 2010


Angband is a group coming from Iran and “Visions Of The Seeker” is their second album. The style of the group is power/progressive metal. I guess it mustn’t be easy to be a metal heads in Iran, Iraq or other countries with Islamic governments, but I’m not here to talk about politics.
Most of the songs are classic heavy metal with classic structures.
First of all I’ll talk about what’s going wrong: the vocals! We cannot say that the vocalist, Ashkan Yazdani sings right, most of the times he doesn’t and when he does, it is only on little passages. However musically the group realizes nice musical parts like the nice instrumental intro. I cannot say that it is a bad album because you’ll find good parts but you won’t anything exceptional, anything that would take out one song from another one. They are average songs. The musicians know how to play and they can show some technique passages.
Besides the album does not have the benefit of a very good production. Now with Angband is to discover even if “Visions Of The Seeker” is not perfect because there aren’t many Iranian metal groups.




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