BLACK MAJESTY "Stargazer" CD coming out this week via Limb Music ! Print
Written by Fab   
Thursday, 19 July 2012 16:41

Australia's high decibel Metal scene is subject to certain rules. Because of the immense distance many of the hundreds of promising newcomers on the Australian scene never make it across the pond. The few combos who do manage to make the trip to Europe are a huge enhancement for the European scene. BLACK MAJESTY is one such band and, with four albums under their belt, have proved that groups from down under can easily match themselves against their colleagues of the Old World and enjoy an ever-growing number of fans of their own. Melodic Power Metal is nothing new these days, but it is the little things such as an innate knack for musical finesses, which raises a band from the rest of the scene. Superb Power Metal with lots of melodies, finely spun prog elements and a huge portion of sheer joy and unbroken enthusiasm are the chief characteristics of "Stargazer". As self-confident as they were on their previous albums, BLACK MAJESTY are looking forward to a new step in their creativity.


On their fifth album BLACK MAJESTY celebrate an impressive mixture of all the unforgettable elements of its predecessors. In a more than worthy manner, "Stargazer" follows the musical line of the highly-praised "In Your Honour". Roland Grapow has again given the album a transparent, crystal clear mix, which even manages to enhance the great hymns by the Australians. On "Stargazer" BLACK MAJESTY demonstrate all the aspects of their unmistakable style and make an impressive statement on the subject of melodic Power Metal. The German edition of the album has a bonus track, "Shine" beside the nine regular tracks, which is replaced by "Ariel" on the Australian issue and by "Lycan" on the Japanese edition. Once again the band worked together with Dirk Illing, known from his work for Scorpions etc, for the concept and the design of the cover. Illing has done his work well and has given the album the perfect look.


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